Growing innovation capability

The Adventures and Wisdom Institute (AWi) is committed to growing innovation capability in individuals and communities.

It believes that the creative digital economy we now live in requires resilient, flexible, collaborative innovators in all walks of life, from an early age, ready to meet the challenges of the uncertain times we live in.

Whilst recognising the impact of technology, particularly the immersive and experiential internet, the AWi challenges technological determinism in favour of a grounded human approach to innovation which is local, creative, collaborative and strategic.

Informed by academic and action research conducted in Brighton and Eastbourne, UK, it seeks to give greater legitimacy to artists and their methods whilst challenging them to forge new and risky collaborative relationships.

People involved

Jim Byford

The Adventures and Wisdom Institute was founded in 2017 by Jim Byford. Jim has over 20 years experience as a leader in the creative and digital economy working with household names on digital strategy and studio projects. These include games, learning resources, branding and marketing campaigns. More recently as a Research Fellow attached to the University of Brighton, he was based at the FuseBox in Brighton where he was Wired Sussex's Researcher-in-Residence in 2014-2015, designing, delivering and reporting on the pioneering 24-week programme for innovators, FuseBox24.

Jim's work at the FuseBox was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and features as a key innovation case-study within their creative and digital economy portfolio. Following the FuseBox24 project and the report produced for national policy-makers, Innovate UK and the Arts Council partnered on a national competition inviting three locations to create experimental programmes like FuseBox24.

Whilst this was happening Jim was busy establishing a spin-out immersive products business, Make Real, which became an early player in the emerging market for virtual reality experiences.

With the Star People Award from UnLtd providing seed funding, Jim has embarked upon another innovation chapter, with the aim of stimulating the local area in which he has lived since 2012 combining the framework of tools from FuseBox24 with the knowledge gained through developing and growing an immersive products business. Through events and programmes of activity he hopes to develop pathways into the emerging immersive and experiential layer of the creative and digital economy for those currently in danger of being left behind.